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Kirkurd and Newlands
Kirkurd and Newlands is a rural community of about 500 households, mainly scattered along the A701 from Leadburn to Blyth Bridge.  We are a small congregation, friendly, peaceable and welcoming.  We love our church as a place to worship and share and explore our faith, and are glad of all opportunities for fellowship, support and outreach.  Learn more at www.newlands-kirkurd.org.uk

In our parish is Whim Care Home at Lamancha, and Castle Craig Hospital, a private residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinic near Blyth Bridge.  We have close links with Castle Craig and welcome residents to our services each week and for friendship over coffee afterwards.  The primary school at Romanno Bridge has about ninety pupils; Newlands and Kirkurd Playgroup meets within its building.  Attached to the school is the spacious Newlands Community Centre.  In addition, Lamancha Hub is an active community centre.

Wed 31-Jan-2419:30Newlands Kirk SessionsKirkurd and Newlands Kirk Session

Kirkurd and Newlands Church 
Pudding Night 
February 2024

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