West Tweeddale Parishes 
Our People
Most of our congregations are small, so everyone knows everyone, and everyone speaks to everyone.  If you come to any of our events, people will welcome you, speak to you, and above all, listen to you.  We promise that no one will pressure you into anything for which you do not feel ready: no preaching, no arm twists, just “Hello and welcome”.

We try to say Yes or Why not? to suggestions.  If you have ideas about things we could do better, or new things we could try, talk to anyone in church, or contact any of our churches.

Our supporters are active in the community.  We try to help people and enjoy ourselves too!  You will find ample opportunity to join in.

You can find out about some people you are likely to meet if you come to our churches here. You can also see and hear from some of us by clicking on any of the video clips below:

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